Boma NZ Team 


Kaila Colbin

Kaila is the CEO of Boma New Zealand and a co-founder of Boma Global. She is a co-founder of the non-profit Ministry of Awesome, the starting point for innovation and entrepreneurship in Christchurch. She was the Curator and Licensee for TEDxChristchurch in New Zealand and TEDxScottBase in Antarctica; and Deputy Chair of both CORE Education and ChristchurchNZ.

Her purpose in life is to be an uplifting presence.

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Rebecca Robertson

Rebecca began her journey with Missing Link Consultants (now Boma New Zealand) in 2015 as Project Manager, through her connection with TEDxChristchurch, organising the team she joined in 2012.

Rebecca has held a number of marketing, business development, project management and governance roles across a wide range of industries including forestry and wood products, agribusiness, IT, management consulting and education.



Johanna Coxon

Johanna has a background in general and team management, programme management, event coordination, marketing, administration, and physical coaching.

She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English from the University of Canterbury. With this background she joined the Boma New Zealand team to manage all things business and event administration.



Kit Hindin

Kit is a dynamic and heart-led facilitator and strategist with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience within a number of industries and methodologies.

Behind the scenes Kit leads the programme development and strategy for Boma, taking centre stage for facilitation of workshops and events to inspire soulful action.



Gwen Hooper

Gwen started with Missing Link Consultants (now Boma New Zealand) in 2013 as a marketing consultant and also helped behind the scenes of several TEDxChristchurch events, before taking time off to start a family in 2014.

Prior to that, Gwen has held several marketing and community management roles (both paid and unpaid) in her previous working lives, all stemming from her love of online community work and games.



Rosaria Ferguson

Rosaria specialises in technical production for our events to ensure they run as smooth as possible. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Management in Events, Operations and Production.

Rosaria has worked for a wide array of event types, companies and roles from stage management to sustainability management, on large public events through to personalised boutique offerings. 



Javiera Saavedra

Javiera joined us as our Graphic Designer in late 2018. She is tasked with turning all of our marketing and communication messaging into the beautiful imagery and videos across our print, web, and social media content.

She brings a wealth of experience in graphic design and video editing to our team, having worked previously as the Internal Branding and Marketing Lead at Hewlett-Packard Chile before moving to New Zealand 3 years ago.