The Application Process

Tell me more about the kind of impact you would like to see in my application.

As a applicant, you will need to provide evidence of impact you’ve personally made in the education sector, such as:

  • making a difference not just to students but to changing the nature of learning

  • using digital technologies to create new ways of thinking and learning

  • contributing to learning across your network and beyond boundaries

Do I need to be currently working as an educator?

Yes, ideally. Though if you have recently been in a role and have another lined up, we will also consider your application.

What if my principal does not support my application?

You can look to your board chair for a letter of support.

The Programme

Will it cost me any money?

No—except for personal incidentals for the international trip.

What is the time commitment expected from the Education Fellows?

The programme runs over a full calendar year and is run outside of school hours.

The commitments include:

  • monthly dinners

  • an international education trip in April

  • a 3-day intensive programme in June

  • project work alongside these face to face gatherings

When will the programme be held?

The programme is designed to run outside of school hours, during public and school holidays, to avoid the need for release time during term. This includes the overseas trip.

What will be expected of me?

We expect a full year commitment and a driving desire to make a difference to education in Canterbury. For more details please see view the programme’s Purpose and Features.

What will my school gain from me being an Education Fellow?

Each fellow will create and complete a project that will have a direct, positive impact on both their school and the wider community.


How many Boma NZ Education Fellows will there be each year?

The programme is designed for 10 fellows to participate each year.

What if I can’t complete the whole year?

We are looking for participants who are able to commit to the year long programme.

Are there ongoing commitments at the end of the year?

All Fellows will become Alumni and will be asked to support subsequent fellows in their journey through the programme. This will be informal with the aim to build a community of like-minded educators.

Will I need a current passport?

Absolutely! Please also check whether you need a visa to enter the USA. This could be a once in a lifetime trip and we would hate for you to miss out due to paperwork!