Boma New Zealand Leadership Programme

I was very fortunate to attend the inaugural Boma NZ Leadership Programme. It was refreshing, intimate, motivating and surprising. If you are well versed in exponential technologies and current day challenges, this programme will drive you to understand how you as a person can make a change both in your life and your organisation.
— Andrew Kokich; Digital Strategy Manager, PGG Wrightson

What is the Boma NZ Leadership Programme?

A transformational and immersive three-day programme designed to help you understand the many vectors of disruption coming at us, and work through tools, models, and frameworks so that you can lead confidently through dramatic change.

The programme brings together key social, economic, technological and environmental trends, distilling them into digestible chunks—combining what you need to know with who you need to be to take clear, specific action in your leadership.

Who should attend?

If you are in a position of senior leadership…

If you are working to navigate your organisation through times of extreme change…

If you work in the areas of strategy, planning, culture, and innovation…

If you are actively seeking to drive change within your organisation…

Then this transformative learning experience is for you.

Boma ran a two day session for our leadership team. Having done many of these with externals, I normally go in with a degree of cynicism. But I am happy to say I was ‘surprised and delighted’. Not only did they help us deal with the rapidly changing environment in which we’re operating, they also helped us become more aware of our personal behaviours and team dynamic, making us more productive as a team. They are not anchored in consultant speak mumbo jumbo! The content and the facilitation was fresh, relevant, challenging, constructive and powerful. As someone who’s done a lot of leadership programmes, I’m impressed.
— Ron Arnold, Managing General Partner, IAG Firemark Ventures & Firemark Singapore - Customer Labs

What can you expect?


You’ll learn to understand, adapt and thrive in a future where change is no longer linear.

Day 1: Dream a bigger dream

Learn about a future you never thought possible, contemplate new vectors of change and integrate concepts of technology, economics, politics, society, and sustainability. Start preparing for a future where change is no longer linear.

Day 2: Ground your vision

Test your plan against what we know to be true. Look at potential challenges, hurdles, risks, and the practical implications of turning your vision into a reality.

Learn from speakers who have already “been there and done that,” gone through the fire, and come out wiser and more powerful as a result.

Day 3: Create your impact

Gain further momentum and invigorating insight from our Leadership Programme facilitators who will ignite your excitement about what’s possible and help you realise your own power to create meaningful impact as a leader.

Refine and temper your action plan with the practical understand of how to make it happen. Then, leave prepared to take action, eager for what lies ahead, and chomping at the bit to get started!


You’ll join a unique and carefully curated cohort.

We all know we need to see and think differently to effect the change we want in the world, but we need encouragement, connections and examples of success to inspire us.

By participating in a Boma NZ Leadership Programme, you’ll be welcomed into a cohort of like-minded thinkers, all aiming for a common outcome—to shift perspective, to learn, and to evolve and to answer the “so what, now what?” questions often asked of leaders in times of change.

We curate each cohort through a robust application process, ensuring that attendees complement each other and are not direct competitors, to create the ultimate environment for your ideas and potential outcomes to emerge.

You’ll learn from a world-class faculty of local and global experts

Your time and energy are precious and finite. You want to make every moment of both your professional and personal life matter. We need to tackle the critical question: “How can I achieve impact at scale and really make a difference, and how do I sustain that over time?”

The Boma NZ Leadership Programme curriculum is crafted to consider not only the intellectual journey we want you to experience, but also how to enable tangible outcomes in your professional and personal lives.

Our Leadership Programme facilitators are carefully selected to deliver each portion of the programme with maximum impact for attendees.

A few days with the Boma New Zealand team has given me the freedom to imagine the unimaginable for my business. This is a fantastic programme for any leader trying to achieve aspirational goals in a world of exponential change.
— Susan Nemeth; Director, COO and CFO, Aportio Technologies

Leadership Programme Faculty  



Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Futures Strategist

Chris Clay

Learning To Think Differently

Mandy Simpson

Blockchain Thinking

Kit Hindin

Integrative Facilitator

Kaila Colbin

Exponential Change Agent


When, where, and how much?


Our next Boma NZ Leadership Programme is in March 2020

WHEN: TBC 2020

WHERE: Christchurch

COST: $5995 + GST

This includes three days of strategy sessions and workshops with our faculty, meals (excluding breakfast) and espresso coffee.

Accommodation is not included.

Need a hand with the cost?

There are limited discounts available for employees from the not-for-profit, start-up or education sector. Please indicate you fall into one of these categories in your application and we'll contact you.

We also have limited scholarship youth tickets (under 25 years) available. Please indicate you're under 25 in your application and we'll contact you about scholarship options.

If you have any questions or need help with these options, please email us.