Our first Boma Fishbowl was awesome!

BOMA Fishbowl_Peanut Productions (38).jpg

The thing we were most struck by is what people wanted to talk about: not technology, but humanity—and the impact that technological trends are having on our lives and relationships. 

Check out some of the feedback we received about the event:

“I really wasn't sure what to expect, but thought it was an incredibly interesting evening, and can see this growing into something incredibly powerful. The topic this time was deliberately broad, but in future I can see the topic being tightened right down which will lead to actions. It was a great night—I loved it .”

“One of my favourite events ever! The level of dialogue, respectful kawa, pace and momentum all delivered a 100% engaging event.”

“Great way to have free-flowing, focused discussion whilst engaging all in listening and/or contributing.”

Stay tuned for more Fishbowl events—now called Boma NZ Campfire events—coming up in the near future!